Heavy Equipment Repair in Wyoming

Looking for a reliable, heavy-duty machinery repair specialist in Wyoming? Look no further than Hardwick Machinery. With our long track record of providing exceptional service to our clients in a wide range of industries, from oil and drilling to construction, it’s clear that our responsive, quality service is exactly what your company needs to stay on your project timelines and budgets.

We offer field service as well as individual parts fabrication or system remanufacturing. When there is a breakdown in your operations, don’t let it negatively affect your goals. Get our insight and expertise onsite fast.

Cheyenne to Cody, Wyoming and Everywhere in Between

With our ability to respond anywhere around the globe, we effectively and quickly also service all of Wyoming. If you’re in a major city or remote work location, don’t worry — we can come to you. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a complete revamping, we’re willing and able to provide a wide spectrum of services that cater to what you need.

heavy equipment repair and service in wyoming

We Build and Optimize for Your Best Results

We are major supporters of the idea that regular maintenance is better than a surprise breakdown. You could let your systems run until they fail, or you could keep them from failing with regular tuneups. We track the lifecycle of each component and system, reducing the likelihood that you will face a crisis and a surprise delay.

But we go even more in-depth. If your parts and systems aren’t running as efficiently as they could, we execute redesigns that help you save on operating and repair costs. Overall, our end goal is to build and optimize all your systems for the best results.

There When You Need Us for Heavy Equipment Repair & Service

Our on-call, global field service team is ready to travel at a moment’s notice. We get the right expert to the right place and we do it fast. No matter where you are in Wyoming, you get the on-site help you need to get parts and machinery back online fast.

It often doesn’t make sense to bring in a whole new rig if you can fix the original onsite, but when your on-location technicians don’t have the right tools, materials or experience, you might find yourself in a bind. That’s when it’s smart to turn to Hardwick Machinery.

We Are Hardwick

We service all notable rig manufacturers and more, and we do it all onsite and on time. We are Hardwick Machinery, a global fabrication and machining team determined to become your main resource, providing help whenever you need it. We take personal pride in every successful project.