Heavy Equipment Repair in Washington

When you’re in Washington and you need an expert machinist to come to your aid, Hardwick Machinery is the company you can trust. From troubleshooting systems to building equipment, we can execute seamlessly and efficiently to get you back online, and fast.

Washington is home to countless industries, from oil and drilling to mining and construction. At Hardwick Machinery, we serve them all, and we’re ready to support your business too, no matter the complexity or the simplicity of the project.

Your Seattle, Washington Machining Team

There’s plenty that can go wrong when you embark on a complex project. But you can make it right with Hardwick Machinery. We travel anywhere in Washington state and throughout the globe to ensure our clients’ machinery and systems are fully functioning. Regardless of your location, we have full-service trucks and technicians ready to depart immediately to bring solutions wherever you may be.

heavy equipment repair and service in washington

We Prioritize Strength and Functionality

We believe that a system is only as good as its design. This is why we hold our fabrication process to the highest of standards. With years of experience on our resumes, we’re able to thoroughly diagnose problems, come up with solutions and remanufacture systems to work well. We are committed to leaving your operation better than when we found it.

Our large team of techs has mastered a number of disciplines, all with the intention of delivering a better final result to your team. Whether you’d like us to consult in one area or spearhead an entire project, we are open to any possibility.

Our Team Responds to Your Call for Heavy Equipment Repair & Service

One of the main reasons Hardwick Machinery is a dependable name in machining is that we’re global. We don’t let distance dictate who we serve. By providing our level of expertise and skill anywhere in the world, we’ve traveled continents for our clients, many of whom do not have business interests in North America. If you’re looking for a fast solution to your onsite machining needs in Washington state, or anywhere in the world, you can call us.

It nearly always makes more sense to use an on-site technician for repairs versus shipping out equipment or shipping in new machinery. And that’s our goal — to make sure we’re saving you time and money, your two most valuable assets, while keeping your timeline where it needs to be.

Why Hardwick Machinery?

We’re the trusted name in fabrication, machining and hydraulics repair because we stake our reputation on every project. Hardwick Machinery is here for you — you just have to call.