Heavy Equipment Repair in South Dakota

Do you need heavy-duty rig service in South Dakota? Call Hardwick Machinery. We are responsive, fast and experienced in what will turn your equipment and business operations around. From fabrication of individual parts to the building of entire frameworks, we are your team, at your service.

It’s frustrating when you have to face another critical equipment breakdown. It can cause expensive project delays. But you may wonder if the service team you call in to make the repair will be up to par. Will your equipment run like it used to? Or better than it used to?

Serving Sioux Falls, Rapid City and More in South Dakota

You can depend on Hardwick Machinery to come through for you. We offer timely, onsite service in South Dakota whenever your systems are failing. We have made repairs in Russia and Chile, so we can get to Sioux Falls or any remote location within South Dakota. Whether your in-house team needs our expertise on one specific component or you’d like us to manage the complete rebuild of a critical rig, we are up to the task.

heavy equipment repair and service in south dakota

From Consulting to Project Management

Do you need an individual part or portion of a rig reworked or replaced? We consult and manage these projects. Would you like us to put our project management skills to work designing a new rig from the ground up?

That’s an area we excel in as well. One of the best features of our company is our wide breadth of knowledge about a range of issues and challenges that come up with countless equipment brands. We have answers based on our past proven successes, and we’re ready to bring them to you.

We Can Be Onsite Fast for Your Heavy Equipment Repair & Service

You can’t wait a month, a week — maybe you can’t even wait a day. And at Hardwick Machinery, we take your urgency seriously. We arrive onsite quickly, and that’s why we consider our global responsive service one of the leading benefits that sets us apart in this industry. No matter how remote or how far from our home base in Utah, we’re ready to travel to you. And that means South Dakota!

Hardwick Machinery’s Values

We are firm believers that hard work and study will take you far — that’s how we’ve become a trusted name in fabrication and machining over the past few decades. Our most important project is our next project: yours. Hardwick Machinery is ready to offer a service quote. Just call today and share the details on what you need.