Heavy Equipment Repair in Colorado

When you need machining and fabrication assistance in Colorado, Hardwick Machinery is on the job. Given our fast response time and wide range of expertise in all areas of heavy-duty machinery repair, we should be your first call when things go wrong on the jobsite or in the factory. We are your best solution!

No matter how advanced the system, it is almost a guarantee that nothing lasts forever. You’re going to have breakdowns, but you can shorten the time your project is delayed and lengthen the time between those breakdowns when you call on us for regular maintenance, intervention and repair. We make sure all systems are a go, and we do it quickly!

We Serve Denver, Colorado Springs and All Remote Regions

We are a global response team, and that means we provide field service anywhere in Colorado. We service the major cities, but we also venture out into the field, reaching even the most remote locations. We’ve traveled from our home base of Utah to as far as away as Russia and South America, so we can make it to your Colorado location in no time.

heavy equipment repair and service in colorado

From Restorations to Rebuilds

It’s rare to find a maintenance and repair machining team as highly specialized as Hardwick Machinery. We service a number of different brands of machinery and equipment with ease. Whether it’s one part that is giving you trouble or an entire rig needs to be rebuilt, we’re the company to rely on for help.

Our Field Service Team Responds Stat

Managing, repairing and manufacturing heavy-duty machinery and hydraulic systems is a complex job. You shouldn’t give this responsibility to just anyone. Make sure it’s a team you trust: Hardwick Machinery. We respond at a moment’s notice and bring our skills directly to your Colorado jobsite.

If you were to send your machine out for repairs, you’d be looking at a lengthy and expensive shipping and return process. If you were to find a new machine to get the job done, you would still need to pay to get it delivered to your location, and you’d likely have to wait. Why not reduce money and time spent and have our field service team onsite as soon as possible?

Hard Work — Dedication to Your Heavy Equipment Repair & Service

We are 100 percent committed to providing our clients with solutions. No matter what the breadth or scope of the project you require us for, we deliver for you. At Hardwick Machinery, we have your best interests at heart.