Heavy Equipment Repair in California

When you’re looking for a fast answer to an equipment issue, call Hardwick Machinery. We serve all of California, no matter where your jobsite might be. Because of our ability to bring solutions to you, we’re the top global response team to rely on when you’re working on a deadline or when you need to get your operations back up and running.

At Hardwick Machinery, we welcome challenges and roadblocks — they give us an opportunity to use our specialized design and repair skills to be an asset to your company. We take satisfaction in finding a solution to your problem that gets your jobsite working smoothly once again.

San Francisco to L.A.

All up and down the west coast, we travel to even the most remote locations, from the mountains to the shore. Fabrications, machining, diesel repair, hydraulics repair — you name the need and we will meet it. Weather and distance don’t matter. Oil, drilling, mining and construction — every industry can benefit from our breadth and depth of knowledge and skill, and we’re ready to deliver.

heavy equipment repair and service in california

From Parts Replacement to Machine Rebuilds Throughout California

If there’s a specific problem we can pinpoint as the root of your machine’s engine trouble, we will get to it. Whether it’s an individual engine component that’s worn down or a system malfunction, we don’t make temporary repairs — we focus on long-term solutions. What will give you the most value for your money and prevent any future problems?

We initiate full-scale machinery rebuilds on site. We’re also able to handle remanufacturing at the scene. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to get all heavy-duty machinery back online — trust Hardwick’s decades of experience.

West Coast Response Team at the Ready for Your Heavy Equipment Repair & Service

When we get a call, we always answer. We have a team of field response technicians waiting to deploy throughout in California and anywhere along the West Coast. When your machinery isn’t functioning, don’t despair — just call our team and we’ll be on the road as soon as possible.

It’s not affordable to ship out your equipment to a distant machining shop. It also might not make sense to find a local repair tech who has zero experience with the issue you’re facing. And you don’t want to get a whole new piece of equipment shipped in if a repair would work. In all three scenarios, you lose time and money. With Hardwick Machinery’s onsite service, we save you both.

Your Success Is Ours

We’ve built our company by establishing our team as a valued asset for a business’ critical on-site operations. We are trusted and called on by leaders in every industry on multiple continents. Depend on us for fabrication, machining, hydraulics repair and more in California — we don’t disappoint.