Heavy Machinery Field Service

Our skills aren’t limited to our shop — Hardwick Machinery travels anywhere in the world to execute timely repairs. Think of us as your full-service field operation. When your business operations stall due to breakdowns, we come to your location quickly, assessing the damage and making repairs on-site whenever possible.

Rely on Hardwick Machinery to keep your job site running on schedule, solving problems and avoiding the stress of missed deadlines.

heavy machinery field service

Why Field Service Makes Sense for Heavy Machinery

When a vital system or piece of equipment breaks down, you have two options — ship it out for repairs or service the machine on-site.

For most companies, it’s not financially feasible to ship large rigs away for repairs, especially for international projects. Even if it was affordable, some equipment is too large to move quickly — shipping, repairs and return could significantly stall a project’s completion date.

Also, if the equipment has broken down, it may not be possible to move the system without bringing in another piece of equipment to handle the job, which means higher costs and more time lost.

In each of these cases, Hardwick Machinery can offer solutions. We make extensive repairs on-site. And if on-location repairs are impossible, we take the part back to our shop, repair it and install it quickly to restore your system to full function. Or, we may be able to switch out parts upon arrival, returning your worksite to 100 percent efficiency fast.

Your Global Team for Heavy Machinery Field Service

Hardwick Machinery has fully stocked service trucks that travel throughout the world. Our technicians are ready at a moment’s notice, taking the next flight out to your location.

We respond to global worksite breakdowns for emergencies and regular tuneups. Distance is no obstacle for our well-traveled team — we are ready to come to your aid today. We’ve traveled as far as Russia and Chile. We service all notable rigs, including Schramm, Boyles, Hagby, Caterpillar and more, including a wide range of construction equipment, machinery and systems.

Rely on Timely Repairs from Trained Professionals

From fabrication and machining to hydraulics motor repair, we execute a wide variety of on-site repair work, helping our clients overcome setbacks with ease. You deserve expedient, professional service, and that’s what we provide at Hardwick Machinery.

No matter the weather or the distance, you can count on the team at Hardwick Machinery. We take personal pride in providing valuable assistance when you need us. Trust our reputation, which is supported by 20 years of success servicing all industries on multiple continents.